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Our activities centre around our shared passion for water sports


The Lunar Project aims to establish a state-of-the-art water sports & adventure complex in Almeria, Southern Spain. We strive to suit the needs of active lifestyle enthusiasts, from performance oriented individuals and athletes, to families looking to spend a relaxing time enjoying the warm Mediterranean climate.

We offer the following activities, available at our spot, with more to be available over the next couple of months:



Our Aquaglide installation provides a unique setting for families and individuals from all walks of life, to challenge each other to an aquatic adventure like no other. What better way to spend a hot summers day than with your friends bouncing about on our floats or challenging each other on our track courses! Open 7 days a week and able to accommodate over 90 people, our Aquaglide is open to all ages 7 and above. 

On the spot, one of our staff members will be there to assist you with the life vests - don’t worry, they will be given out on the spot :)!. He will also instruct on the existing rules and guidelines which should be followed, to ensure your health and safety, as well as the comfort of yourself and other participants.

We also organize events, parties, and challenges for both smaller & larger groups. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch either by our “contact us” form online, or through E-mail and mobile phone

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Take a moment of solace and find your inner bearings while enjoying the sun in one of our top-quality kayaks. Whether you are out to enjoy the sun or practice the sport, Lunar is the perfect place for both.

We have marked both boarding and disembarking areas around the park's premises to help you navigate easily. Our paddles are inflatable, so don’t worry about them sinking - however, do remember to bring them back, as otherwise, they get lonely on the water :)!

If you’d like to work on your skill & technique, ask one of our staff members or coaches - we are happy to help! And remember, you can always book a coaching session to gain the most out of it!



Your mat is a stand-up paddleboard; the world is your studio and all the elements have been invited – sun, wind, and water. Find tranquility and balance while adapting to the continuous motion of the board challenged by instability created by minor energy & weight shifts.

Our SUP board are supplied by Jobe, one of the best manufacturers out there. Due to their size and materials used, they’re very buoyant yet surprisingly light in weight. Side carry handles make it easy to carry, and a sturdy leash means the board will not float too far away from, should you fall & slip into the water.

Our SUP’s are perfect for both the experienced yogin, as well as the newcomer, excited to find his balance. Do not hesitate to ask our staff members for advice and tips - we are here for you! Also, remember that we run organized SUP Yoga classes - you are more than welcomed to come and join us! Alternatively, you can always book one of our coaches for a private class at a time that fits with your personal schedule!





Dubbed our own little “Ninja Park”, our outdoor workout zone offers an exciting range of activities and challenges to overcome that test your endurance, strength, and ingenuity in planning an efficient and effective route. The zone accommodates both adults and kids, and we offer a range of courses and training activities to help you find your inner strength.

Calisthenics, with elements from other disciplines, such as a climbing wall & an obstacle course, results in a more “complete” workout, affecting the whole body. Rather than work each muscle group independently, calisthenic workout forces the body to work as a system of interconnected muscle groups. This has a number of positive results.

Firstly, your body awareness raises. as Calisthenic workouts require you to work on your stability, balance, and flexibility. Through repetition, you become more aware of your own body position and learn to control. Secondly, Calisthenic workouts are functional - what that means, to put simply, is that the exercises use the whole body, increasing the overall strength, rather than focusing on individual parts of the whole. As a result, calisthenic helps improve the overall condition & strength of the individual, rather than that of only selected muscle groups. Thirdly, because of the previous two pros, Calisthenic workouts are known for their versatility. The exercises can be done virtually anytime, anyplace, with or without the equipment. And, whats more, they are easily transferable to other sports and disciplines, and often help improve the performance in them!

Make sure to check out our training courses and classes available - it's important to start off with the correct technique so that the correct foundation is there to build on from :)!


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A physical challenge? Yes. Easy? No. Thrilling, rewarding, exhilarating? Most definitely! Let the inner surfer within you out and experience the joy of shredding the waves. Our Cable system will provide a great training field, and our qualified staff will happily guide you through your first steps on the water. Just don’t forget your helmet & life vest! 

Currently, we are hard at work to prepare the channel area for the firsts guests to arrive at our facilities. The core team has been wakeboard enthusiasts for years, and for this project we decided to partner up with WakeParX - a young company that innovated the cable system technology, allowing for more comfort and better riding environment for the wakeboarder. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress building Spain's newest & most technologically advanced cable installation!



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