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The Lunar Project is a state-of-the-art water sports and adventure complex in Almería, southern Spain. We strive to offer activities that suit the needs of active lifestyle enthusiasts - from performance oriented individuals and athletes, to families looking to enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate.




A physical challenge? Yes. Easy? No. Thrilling, rewarding and exhilarating? Most definitely! 

We invite beginners and pros alike to let out their inner surfer and experience the joy of shredding waves with our 5-tower WakeParX cable system, which boasts the newest wake tech in all of Spain. 

You can take on our 600 meter course and over 12 HDPE obstacles (courtesy of Shape Obstacles) through a range of watersports, including - wakeboarding, water-skiing and kneeboarding. With these sports' low-barrier entry for people of all ages, and our system's capacity to accommodate 8 riders at a time - you can look forward to shredding with friends and family. 

Never tried wake before? No worries - our qualified staff will happily guide you through your first drifts across the water. We've built a range of individual and group-based training opportunities to help you out, from learning how to stand on the board to landing your first air trick. Beyond that, we've got you covered with beginner gear -  including helmets, life jackets, beginner boards and skis.





Our Aqua Glide installation is a unique aquatic adventure for families and individuals from all walks of life. What better way to spend a hot summer's day than with your friends, bouncing about or challenging each other on our floating obstacle course!  

Open 7 days a week and able to accommodate over 90 people, our Aqua Glide is open to everyone ages 5 and up. Before you get started, one of our team members will help you get fitted with a life vest, as well as provide you with guidelines for staying safe and comfortable on the water. 

We also organize events, parties and Aqua Glide challenges for both smaller and larger groups. For more information or to book, please do not hesitate to get in touch either through our “Contact Us” form online, or by email and mobile phone.



Whether you're out for an exhilarating paddling session, or a relaxing float along the water basking in the sun - Lunar is the perfect place for both! 

We have clearly marked designated boarding and disembarking areas along the water to help you easily navigate the park's premises. Our paddleboards are inflatable, so don’t worry about them sinking - however, do remember to bring them back, otherwise they'll get lonely on the water :)!

If you’d like to work on your skills and technique, look to one of our staff members or coaches - we are always happy to help! And remember, you can book a coaching session with us to get the most out of your experience.




Your mat is a stand-up paddleboard, the world is your studio and all the elements have been invited.. Find tranquility and balance in attaining harmony with the motions of your board.

Our SUP boards are supplied by Jobe, one of the best water sports equipment manufacturers out there. Due to their size and material composition, they’re very buoyant yet surprisingly light in weight. Side handles make them easy to carry, and a sturdy leash means the board will not float too far away  should you fall off into the water.

Our SUPs are perfect for the experienced yogi, as well as the newcomer eager to learn how to find balance on the water. Do not hesitate to ask our staff members for advice and tips - we are always here for you! Also, keep an eye out on our social media for the chance to join one of our pop-up SUP yoga classes.





Dubbed our own little “Ninja Park”, our outdoor workout zone offers an exciting range of activities and challenges that test your endurance, strength, and ingenuity in planning an efficient and effective exercise circuit. Both adults and kids are welcome to find their inner strength through our range of courses and training activities. 

With its climbing wall and obstacle course, the zone accommodates calisthenics training.   Calisthenics allows for a total workout, systematically engaging each of the body's interconnected muscle groups - which can yield a number of positive results. 

First, calisthenics promotes bodily self-awareness, as it requires you to improve your stability, balance, and flexibility. Through repetition, you become more attuned to your posture and the ways your body moves - which enables you to build targeted control over each muscle group. Second, calisthenic workouts are functional - that is, beyond giving you better control over individual parts of your body, it helps to build overall strength. 

Third,  calisthenic workouts are known for their versatility.  Skills gained from calisthenic circuits are easily transferable to boosting performance in other sports and disciplines, and improving how you move through everyday life !




Bring Your Own Activity - you bring the equipment and your group, and we provide the space and the vibes. Lunar has served as a studio, dojo and arena through guest activities like yoga and dance classes, martial arts competitions and triathlon training.

Get in touch with us for more info on booking, pricing and creating a space that's just right for your group.



The natural and cultural landscape surrounding lunar hold a ton of potential for exploration. Take on some of the trails that pass through the park on foot, board or bike. Have time for a day trip? Head the to beach or local attractions. Stay with one of our affiliate hotels and recharge between adventures.

Click here to check out a mini guide to our team's favorite activities and accommodation in the area.