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Learn through innovative training courses & programs led by passionate coaches dedicated to achieving best results. Discover captivating keynote speakers discussing latest trends fostering a culture of self-development and increased social awareness.

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Take part in interesting get-together and socializing events where you are bound to meet people who share a passion for an active lifestyle. Kick off and enjoy yourself at awesome parties that will stay in your memory for years. From music events, through social activities all the way to culinary cook-offs and cultural events, we have it all.
Grab a seat and let the music steal you away. We offer our guests a range of music experiences on a semi-weekly basis. At the same time, we want to host jam sessions for both local artists and guests, from which new sounds will be born - feel free to come over and bring with you your instrument of choice!
Stay tuned for a detailed events calendar - we will publish it on our Social Media, and post it on our webpage, so that. you can always be up to date with whats happening at Lunar!



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Whether you need to work whilst traveling or you travel while working, you will feel right at home with us at Lunar. Our aim is to provide fully equipped personal working spaces, as well as co-working area where you will be able to meet some fantastic creatives and dream-chasers. We know, from personal experience, that it is important to be able to work whilst traveling, so we are working to accommodate digital nomads and remote workers. Currently, we offer access to high-speed internet access, as well as working space within our office buildings. Both are available to our guests at their convenience. Stay tuned for more!



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After an exciting day filled with activities and sport, refreshments are best served cold. Pop by our Lunar Cafe for a refreshing glass of juice made from the regions ripest oranges. Make sure to try our snacks & tapas for a hungry stomach and a well roasted cup of coffee for a quick energy fix. If you would like to try something fresh & exciting, check out our smoothies and delicious milkshakes!

Right in front of our Chiringuito you can find our chill-out lounge, with sun-shades and comfy seating spots that offer a view right onto our aquaglide installation. Next to it, we have a DJ Booth and bed-chairs, where you can grab some rest after a long day

We also have a large TV, where we show biggest football games, world cup matches, as well as other live events, with UFC among them. If you would like to see us covering something specific, just ask - theres a high chance that we are able to help!

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