Your mat is a stand-up paddleboard; the world is your studio and all the elements have been invited – sun, wind, and water. Find tranquility and balance while adapting to the continuous motion of the board challenged by instability created by minor energy & weight shifts.

Our SUP board are supplied by Jobe, one of the best manufacturers out there. Due to their size and materials used, they’re very buoyant yet surprisingly light in weight. Side carry handles make it easy to carry, and a sturdy leash means the board will not float too far away from, should you fall & slip into the water.

Our SUP’s are perfect for both the experienced yogin, as well as the newcomer, excited to find his balance. Do not hesitate to ask our staff members for advice and tips - we are here for you! Also, remember that we run organized SUP Yoga classes - you are more than welcomed to come and join us! Alternatively, you can always book one of our coaches for a private class at a time that fits with your personal schedule!